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RAF Bias Server Missions

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RAF Bias Server Missions

Postby 69th_Lucky}{awk » Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:37 pm

What's your opinion on this subject? Do the maps need to be toughened up for the 69th? ~S~ Lucky}{awk :D

RAF Bias Server Missions??
Ok, I don't want to be a Negative Nancy and raise the BS flag here, but it seems to me, and others that there might just be an RAF bias when it comes to some of these server missions.

For example, on Joy Division...Last night there were about 6 Blenheim pilots (who are pretty damn good btw) on when the mission started. We started off even strength of numbers.
I called an AI raid to Rochester and I was flying blue with 7 BF-110s and 1x E1B and we proceeded to our targets of Chelmsford, Northfleet oil, Gravesend oil, Rochester, Gravesend flak, which we destroyed.. Before some of us were even half way back, RAF completed all objectives. How is that even possible? Does the RAF not have as many objectives to hit? Do they not need to fly as far? I mean Chelmsford is almost off the map. Two nights in a row Red side won Joy Division in ~35 minutes or so without AI support. To me that is a map killer and really just " Unjoyable Division". What is the point if your only hope is just prolonging the inevitable by playing defense?

New Dawn Fades

This is one of my favorite maps ever. But this is another map where I have to question if there is an RAF bias. The RAF has airspawns which is an advantage to bomber pilots. Why doesn't the Luftwaffe have airspawns somewhere between France and the Isle of Wight? It is not fair for our JU-88s, 111s or BR20s to have to fly 30+ minutes or more from Theville,France to some targets. Blenheims can make 2 or 3 runs in that time frame and it is almost impossible to keep a Blenheim from dropping bombs on target even if it is a 1 way trip for them. RAF can win without hitting any targets in France.

If you're gonna give airspawns to one side, then give airspawn to the other side as well. It's all about fairness.

AI Bombers:

Ok, here's another thing that chaps my ass.
I've seen 9 Dornier bombers fly to an airfield unmolested and not take it out (~70% damage). I've seen Wellingtons get almost completely wiped out in an intercept, but it only took 2 Wellingtons to take out Calais Mark. Bias?

All i'm saying is maybe some changes should be considered and a closer look at mission objective requirements.


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Re: RAF Bias Server Missions

Postby 69th_Zeb » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:34 am

Maybe New Dawn Hades...I mean fades is a favorite because Blue can always wait for flak to annihilate us before picking off the leftovers.

Maybe it's just because the tactical coordination and detailed expertise isn't always there on their side? I have the feeling when Drock is on there, they are winning maps. I always have the luxury of having a current SITREP with Red's guru knowledge always available. If new maps were constantly thrown at us with varying targets, I think it would even out a bit.

Given that both sides equally complain about how unfair (virtual) war is on the server, I think the ATAG boys have excelled for making us feel that way. That is the intended effect, right?
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Re: RAF Bias Server Missions

Postby 69th_Red}{awk » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:56 pm

These are my comments I made on ATAG Forum.

Re: RAF Bias Server Missions??
Salute Everyone,

After reading all the comments I would like to share my thoughts.

1- We all have to remember that the Isle of White is not a country its an Island.
2- The Blues have taken it over and are building strength there but not yet.
3- The Reds are upset that this has happened and are unleashing hell upon the Island.
4- At first the Barges have not arrived to build up Benbridge, and add more triple A
to the other fields.
5- So the real problem for blues is that they must over come the attacks upon them at the Island
with supplies and bombers coming from France and the aircraft provided to them at the Island.
6- My personal experience of combat “ NOTHING IS FAIR OR EQUAL”
7-The builder of this Map was spot on in every way...he provided us with a simulation not
an arcade game.
8-The fact is that ATAG, Team Fusion and Map builders have provided us with an awesome simulation.

That's all I got to say about that.....

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Re: RAF Bias Server Missions

Postby 69th_Lucky}{awk » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:07 pm

You hit the mark CO! :) The map makers do a fine job, looking forward too new map makers giving fresh incentives to continue on and have another year of fun. ~S~ :P
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Re: RAF Bias Server Missions

Postby 69th_Windigger » Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:55 pm

My two bits worth ;
The bit about an RAF AI raid being nearly wiped out and a few straggling Wellingtons wiping out a target needs to be put in perspective .
Frequently some of the damage done to those targets was done by my Blenheim or someone else's. I tend to put "insurance hits on targets which an AI raid has been launched against , for the very reason that not all our AI bombers get to that target. And also frequently when I bomb targets no one notices the display at the top of screen reading out the percent of the target damage. Alotta guys don't see the 'big picture' because they are focused on their immediate bizness. That's understandable. It's ridiculous for people to gripe who don't see the 'big picture'.
As for Jaydog , I appreciate him being objective minded . Most the players,(Imho), are not. But then most of 'em are fighter pilots , and most , not all , are not concerned with overall objectives.
Both sides win and lose AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE OF THE GAME, THE MAPS OR THE SCRIPTING ! It's because of the pilots and the aircraft in play at any given time. Don't Blame the Game !

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Re: RAF Bias Server Missions

Postby 69TH_Leart » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:35 pm

I agree 100%
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