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Postby 69th_Stonehalo » Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:47 am

Name: Normandy
Year: 1943 to June, 1944
Type: Historical Arcade - European Western Front
Location: Northern France

Available Aircraft

A-20 G
B-25 J-1NA
Beaufighter Mk21
Mosquito FB MkVI
P-38 J
P-38 L
P-47 D-10
P-47 D-22
P-47 D-27
P-47 D
P-51 B-NA
P-51 C-NT
P-51 D-5NT
P-51 D-20NA
P-63 C
Seafire MkIII
Seafire F MkIII
Spitfire MkVIII
Spitfire MkVIII CLP
Spitfire MkIXe CLP
Spitfire MkIXe HF
Tempest MkV
Bf-109 G-2
Bf-109 G-6
Bf-109 G-6 Late
Bf-109 G-6AS
Bf-109 G-10
Bf-109 G-14
Bf-109 K-4
Bf-110 G-2
Fw-190 A-5
Fw-190 A-5 165 ATA
Fw-190 A-6
Fw-190 A-8
Hs-129 B-3/Wa
Ju-87 D-5
Ju-87 G-1
Ju-88 A-17
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