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How to Appeal Your Ban

Appeal your ban from the server here. Please refrain from commenting on threads other than your own.

How to Appeal Your Ban

Postby 69th_Stonehalo » Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:22 pm

This section of the forums is dedicated to communication between players that have been banned and the admins. It's requested that other players not respond in someone else's appeal thread. All non-admin comments should be made under the associated thread found in Report a Rule Breaker.

If you know why you were banned and wish to be unbanned, do the following.
1) Provide the name that you were flying under in the server.
2) Provide a brief account of the situation.

All submissions for appeal are suspect to the judgement of the administration staff on a situational basis. Your appeal request may be denied if agreed upon by the Fighting 69th Administration Staff. In such a situation, the parties involved will be given a period of time in which they can re-submit to the appeal process if they so choose.

After posting, please allow ampel time for The Fighting 69th Amdinistration Staff to review your case. If no judgement is reached within a weeks time, please contact an admin and ask them to review your case.

If you are unsure why you were banned, start a new thread asking that question and an admin will try and recall the details of the situation.

If there are any questions about this process, please post them here and we'll try and answer them.

** This post is still a work in progress, and is subject to change by the Fighting 69th Administration Staff ***
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