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How to Report a Rule Breaker

Post .ntrks of rule breakers here. All submissions should be backed by clear and substantial evidence.

How to Report a Rule Breaker

Postby 69th_Stonehalo » Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:20 pm

The process of reporting a rule breaker should be based on provable facts and not left to here say. That being said, a report should follow these guidelines:

1. Please be sure to make sure that the actions taken by the player in question are against the rules of The Fighting 69th Dogfight Server. Those can be found here.
2. The player being reported must should have broken the rules more than once and after ample attempts of trying to communicate what they are doing incorrectly.
3. The title of the topic should be the name of the player who has cause the infraction.
4. Your post should contain the dates and supporting evidence (like ntrks).
5. Any .ntrks you post must be hosted at a file hosting site that does not make you wait to download. A good suggestion is

Any post that is missing any of the above requirements may be ignored, and/or deleted.

Once you have reported the infraction, please be patient. The evidence will be reviewed and, the admin staff will try its best to provide a clear and complete explanation into their decision.

-The Fighting 69th Administration Staff

*** This post is still a work in progress and requires the approval of The Fighting 69th staff ***
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