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Teamspeak: Reduce Game Volume on Transmit\Receive

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Teamspeak: Reduce Game Volume on Transmit\Receive

Postby 69th_Steerpots » Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:54 am

S! All
A post on setting up Teamspeak such that when anyone transmits in your channel your game volume will auto reduce
and, after a specified delay, game volume returns back to your original setting.

The Reasoning
    Ease of comms with other pilots and allow full volume on game sounds
The Method
    Download plugin
    Configure plugin options
    Teamspeak 3 client installed on your PC
How To
    Open up your download and click on the contents to install the plugin to your Teamspeak folder
    Run Teamspeak
    Go to Settings > Plugins
    Put tick in box next to Volume Control
    With Volume Control highlighted, click on settings
    Ensure the “Enable” box is ticked
    Choose you preferred volume suppression setting (90% setting decreases volume by 10%, I chose 10% setting, experiment to suit yourself)
    I chose a 0 sec delay to return to original volume
    Tick in the box next to “suppress volume while you are speaking”
    I left the old Winamp option un-ticked.
    Click on OK
    Restart Teamspeak.

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